Whitesnake “The Flesh & Blood” Tour

Whitesnake “The Flesh & Blood” Tour

With the release date of the new album Flesh & Blood in the next few weeks, Whitesnake invaded the Rose Music Center in Huber Heights OH. Following a solid rocking set from openers The Black Moods, Whitesnake hit the stage full of adrenaline and churned out “Bad Boys” before jumping into “Slide It In”, which quickly became a crowd sing-a-long. The voice of David Coverdale sounded just as good as it did when he fronted Deep Purple, just as strong as when Mtv kept Whitesnake on heavy rotation.
These songs were followed up by “Gonna Be Alright”, “Love Ain’t No Stranger”, “Hey You”, “Slow An’ Easy” and “Trouble Is Your Middle Name”. These songs were followed by a guitar duel as Joel Hoekstra and Reb Beach traded searing licks back and forth. New song “Shut Up & Kiss Me” was met with great appreciation from the crowd before “Get Up” was performed. During this, drummer Tommy Aldridge broke into an amazing drum solo. Throwing his sticks out to the crowd, Aldridge continued to beat on his kit by hand like a man possessed.
Coverdale then took time to introduce the band and then jumped into one of Whitesnakes best known songs, “Is This Love”, and then finishing the set strong with “Give Me All Your Love” and “Here I Go Again”. After a brief pause, the band returned and closed out the night with an encore of “Still Of The Night”.
This show proved that Whitesnake, over 40 years since forming in 1978, is still a force to be reckoned with in the world of Hard Rock! Do yourself a favor, catch this show if it comes close to you and definitely grab the new album, Flesh & Blood, due out May 10!

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