Vista Kicks: Booty Shakers Ball

Vista Kicks: Booty Shakers Ball

Vista Kicks

Booty Shakers Ball (self-released)

By: Rikki Rose

Booty Shakers Ball is Vista Kicks new album and its filled with frosty, soulful, danceable rock n’ roll, delivered by 4 super solid musicians in their early 20’s.

The 4-some has an irresistible energy that shines through loud and clear via their distinctive sound.  Merging soaring hooks, snapping guitars, and super-sonic murmurs, it crushes just as soon as it captivates.  They are clearly, heavily influenced by classic 70’s rock ‘n’ roll, but the band exudes a high level of legitimacy and authenticity in their fresh sound. 

Originally from Sacramento, CA but now based in Los Angeles, Vista Kicks is comprised of Derek Thomas, Sam Plecker, Trevor Sutton & Nolan LeVine. Their new debut full-length album ‘Booty Shakers Ball’ was self-released, produced by the band, as well as self-funded through merch sales, gigs and a pre-sale via Pledge Music. Talk about a DIY approach.

Pre-Booty Shakers Ball they released 2 singles “Circles” and “Make It Real”, and a six-song EP titled ‘Chasing Waves.’  The buzz has begun, and they have already garnered 5.1 million Spotify streams and over 3.2 million YouTube views.

And what about Booty Shakers Ball, 10 solid, feel-good, rockin’ songs that are meant to have you shaking your ass, bumping your fist and singing along. Standing out from the pack isn’t always easy, taking a chance and blazing your own musically trail is risky but with Vista Kicks the payoff is golden.

Vista Kicks has managed to strike a delicate balance between energetic rock, soulful harmony and melodic hypnosis. Hear it here: