The local Indianapolis band, These City Limits, have release this new EP and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it yet. This band brings a unique sound to the listener by giving them a hard rock/progressive sound with applying catchy choruses and dark yet melodic lyrics. Singer, Randy Vanderbilt, takes you on a rollercoaster ride lyrically and vocally. Vocally, he is very diverse, from singing beautifully in choruses to intensely screaming while still keeping his voice in melody with the music. I was very impressed on how he can take his voice to such a high octave without breaking form or feeling forced to do so just because he can. His lyrics for the most part are very clever and will keep you hanging on every word. I was very impressed with the lyrics ,”My imperfections are my favorite scars.” Guitar work on this release is very solid. Lead Jesse Curtis and rhythm Randy Vanderbilt complement each other very well and keep the music exciting. From melodic intros to aggressive choruses, they keep the music fresh and moving forward. The guitar work on tracks like “Failure” is simply amazing. I would like to hear more guitar solos from the band but the lack thereof does not affect the music at all on this release. Bassist Brian Nichols and drummer Adam Wilson lay down a strong foundation for the band to build on and coordinates with the guitars and vocals very naturally. The bass seems to be a bit lost within the guitar playing but the drums really stand out, giving the music a somewhat punk kick to it without being too overbearing. These guys are great songwriters and musicians; they give a creative approach to their song structures. This is a great release and I definitely recommend getting a copy. I’m very interested in hearing more from this band and look forward to seeing them live. SUPPORT YOUR ARTISTS!