The Wolf Hunterz-Last Man Standing-Debut EP

The Wolf Hunterz-Last Man Standing-Debut EP

Hello Metal Fan’s.

I am pretty new to concert photography scene and so far, I am having a great time, and love seeing and hearing new bands, recently I received a friend request on social media and with further research I came across a band by the name of The Wolf Hunterz out of Cleveland, Ohio and immediately was intrigued by their name as well as their look.

So, I decided to listen to their debut EP called Last Man Standing and I can say I was impressed by the sounds of the tune. They have a metal sound with a little bit of rap metal to the likes of Linkin Park and mix in the ladies of the band you get an Evanescence feel to them, but they are making their own style and will stand out in the music scene.

The EP contains five tracks including the title track Last Man Standing. I liked all the tracks they are heavy with power riffs that will get your blood pumping and jumping around to some good metal music. This band will defiantly be worth seeing live and hopefully I will get to a chance to see them, as they are now on my radar of up and coming bands that will be on the national scene soon touring with the big boys and girls.

Check out their social media pages links down below and give this band a like on You Tube and take a listen to their music.