Let’s start from the beginning at a young age I was always in love with rock and metal music.i would say it started with being around my grandmother and her listening to zz top,led zeppelin and black Sabbath. My interest peaked when I saw rock is dead by marilyn Manson and seeing the art form that was at that time bizarre and taking from the likes of Alice cooper with shock rock appearance and crazy on stage performances. I really grew to like the nu metal genre the most it seemed to speak to me,it gave me a feeling that no other music style could. The sounds of limp bizkit and korn with there catchy grooves mixed with rap,skat,and dropped tones really did it for me. It is what got me hooked. So I started reading about the bands in hit parader and circus magazine. After seeing the pictures that the photographers took for the magazine that is the reason I got into concert photography. There’s something about catching the crazy on stage moments of bands and fans in a single shot that speaks more than words can describe. Capturing raw photos of bands giving there all for the passion they live for.
Thenetwork317 has helped and allowed me to take this passion to a level that I have hoped and wished for.

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