Sherri Gonzalez

I am so bad at this. lol I am a huge fan of music just like the next person.  My older brother would always be in his room listening to music really loud while my mom was always telling him to turn it down. He had tons  of posters of Dio, Quiet Riot, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue and Slayer and many more. I could keep going and going. Then I met my now husband who introduced me to “Daddy” by “Korn.” After that I was hooked. Fast forward, years later,  we went to it seemed like every concert that came to town because bands were wanting us to take their picture and review their show. The show that stands out is the Motley Crue Generation Swine tour. Their PR Rep called and asked if we would  be interested in filming their entire set. OF COURSE WE WOULD! Read Ross’s bio… you will see why we jumped on that opportunity.  We have been to so many shows, covered tons and tons of concerts and have met some really great bands along the way. Oh yeah I’m the one that makes Ross look smart (editing).

Promotions: Strange Music – Eleven Seven Music – Roadrunner Records – Atlantic Records – Universal Music – Magic Ninja Entertainment

History:  (1998-2005) Bliss Entertainment  –  (2005 – Present) The Network317 (Management, Promotions, Talent Scout –


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