From a very young age to now, like many, music has had a subtle permanence in my life. It was the manner in which I played as a child, singing to family; the way I attached emotions to memory. For me, music is integral and a necessity, much like food or water. Music got me through every teen crying spell, allowed me to identify feelings I could not put into words, and helped me cope and celebrate the finer points in life. While I am not musically inclined, at the moment, I enjoy seeing shows and meeting these talented people who wield their craft to the masses. I started concert hopping, as I call it, during one of the hardest points in my life. Concerts and shows were a way to check my mental baggage at the door and drown out the noise of everyday life and responsibility. I am a mother of three, two from a prior marriage and one with my childhood sweetheart who is also a contributor for TheNetwork317. Concerts are cathartic to me in many ways and the energy is what I feed off. I took Honors art in high school and I enjoy writing/reading/words…..being a contributor on the site allows me to marry some of my favorite pastimes into one great experience. Right now, we have relocated to Memphis, TN and I am looking forward to a very loud 2019! Bring on the good times. \m/

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