Brien Mitchem “GF”

Let’s see I have always liked music at a young age I can remember listening to old school R n B as well as some old school rap like the Fat Boy’s (yeah I said The Fat Boys) even the some hip hop that was out and could break dance to (Yeah now it would be a bad idea to do the worm because I would most likely not be able to get back up). As I got older and into Highschool my musical taste went from Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men to Nirvana and Metallica mix in a little Tu Pac. I had pictures of my favorite bands on my bedroom wall the likes of Silverchair, Pearl Jam, Bush, No Doubt those years brought me the love of rock, grunge, as well metal music. Fast forward twenty plus years I added a love for taking pictures that started when my kids were born, and as they have grown up and played sports that is where my love lied in sports photography, with a love of all kinds of music and just taking pictures in general I started to pursue my degree in Art with a focus on Digital Photography. Shooting shows for the Network 317 has giving me great opportunities to not only see my favorite bands up close and personal but also shows I would of never thought that I would see in person and has sharpen my skills not only as a concert photographer but a photography in general and writing content as well has allowed me to reconnect with music in general.

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