Stone Sour – “Hydrograd” Review

Stone Sour – “Hydrograd” Review

Stone Sour is back with their sixth studio album, “Hydrograd”. Not only is Stone Sour releasing their sixth album but the band continues their streak by releasing another Top 10 album. With “Hydrograd” debuting at No. 8 on Billboard Top 200. The album reached No. 1 on the Top Current Albums chart, the Top Rock Albums chart and the Top Hard Rock Albums Chart, selling 33,000 units.

After releasing two concept records in 2012 and 2013, “House of Gold & Bones Pt. 1 and Pt. 2.”, Stone Sour takes a more tradition path with “Hydrograd“. This is also Stone Sour’s first album without guitarist Jim Root. Guitarist Christian Martucci fills the role nicely and his metal and punk background blends well with the band.

The music on “Hydrograd” has a great variety of songs. From catchy, sing along tracks like “Song #3” to heavy, aggressive tracks such as “Someone Stole My Eyes”. The band even tested the country/southern rock waters with the track “St. Marie”. With such diversity on this album, there is a song that everybody can love, regardless what genre you listen to.

Stone Sour’s “Hydrograd” is an excellent record. It’s an album you can listen to start to finish without hitting the skip button and is well worth a listen. You can also see Stone Sour perform live this summer with Korn on the “Serenity of Summer Tour.”

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