Steve Dunn – four-part EP series, GOD/LOVE

Steve Dunn – four-part EP series, GOD/LOVE


Steven Dunn releases first two EP’s in a four-part series of self-realization and self-discovery.

Nashville is clearly called “Music City” for a reason, maybe that’s why songwriter, singer and artist Steven Dunn left his home state of Indiana to put down musical roots in Tennessee. Although it seems both locations have heavily influenced his music and storytelling.

His four-part EP series, GOD/LOVE/AND/DEATH embodies the depth of Dunn’s emotional songwriting showcased with warm and diverse music. It’s a solid mixture of rock, soul, folk and Americana influenced songs that float between confessional numbers, soulful rockers and emotional ballads.

He first solidified himself as a fixture around Indiana University’s indie rock scene early on in his career.   Following his debut album, Indianola, Dunn started work on his four-part series. God (out now) is the first volume released. God is 5 eclectic tracks and the beginning of the musical journey.

Up next is LOVE, the second volume, out on June 30. LOVE kicks in with a moody acoustic song titled “Stale Cigarette” which is the perfect introduction to the EP. “Different Ways” is next and has a more upbeat musical vibe but lyrically dark and showcases Dunn’s vocals as it drifts into spoken word. Throughout the 5-song set Dunn puts poetry to music. It’s honest, thought-provoking, it’s simple and at the same time filled with layers. It’s both sad and uplifting with chiming guitar lines and emotional vocal delivery. You can be assured there is a warm, relaxed melody running through the songs and a hook or two to chew on.

The ambitious LOVE is filled with melodic navigations through the darkness of heartbreak and the light of love. Showcasing a modern, yet timeworn songwriting approach and rustic yet soothing voice. Folky and soulful, LOVE is a solid effort from a memorable songwriter.