Mackenzie Nicole – The Edge

Mackenzie Nicole – The Edge


Mackenzie Nicole could easily sit upon a Hip Hop throne without a care in the world, she grew up alongside Strange Music as the daughter of the CEO, with flagship artist Tech N9ne taking her under his wing as an uncle figure in her life. But instead this 18-year-old, budding singer and songwriter has taken on the challenge of proving herself to her dad and now boss.  Strange Music CEO Travis O’Guin didn’t plan on his daughter being the first artist signed to the label’s pop music division Strange Main, but the universe had other plans and it seems so did Mackenzie Nicole.

Singing as soon as she could talk Mackenzie made guest vocal appearances on many Strange Music artist tracks, she made her debut on platinum-certified rap icon Tech N9ne’s 2009 K.O.D. before lending her voice to tracks on All 6’s and 7’s [2011] and Something Else [2013]—which both bowed at #4 on the Billboard Top 200. As a young teen she formally unveiled her first track, “Actin Like You Know” with a cameo from Tech. Early acclaim came as the track racked up over 3.9 million YouTube views and 1.9 million Spotify streams, while the song served as a centerpiece on the Tech N9ne Collabos album Strangeulation Vol. II. 2017 saw her feature on two songs from Strange Reign in addition to guesting at various tour stops. Her next song, “Deleted” turned up the heat with over 978K Spotify streams and 599K YouTube views to date. We are taking a wild guess that at that point O’Guin realized if they didn’t sign Mackenzie, some other label would.

Enter Strange Main, the labels new pop music division, with Mackenzie Nicole recently releasing her debut album The Edge. You can hear the pop sensibilities in the production, but Mackenzie takes it to a moodier level with her edgy (no pun intended) and sultry vocal style. At 18 she’s penned lyrics that are open, honest and filled with emotion. It’s hard to believe that last year she was in high school, in her lyrical content, she seems to be wise way beyond her years.

The first single “Preview” kicks in with her sultry voice as she sings of giving her love to one that may not be deserving of it. Elsewhere, “Fix Me” is filled with heart on your sleeve honest emotion, while with “Thank You” she soulfully shines a light on how grateful she is that her ex has exposed himself for being a not so great guy as she moves on from him with strength and attitude.  Song after song gets stuck in your head as you find yourself singing along even after you have turned off the music.  We’re looking forward to hearing what comes next from Mackenzie Nicole. For now, we have The Edge.

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