Machine Gun Kelly & Mod Sun – Alpha Omega tour

Machine Gun Kelly & Mod Sun – Alpha Omega tour

Machine Gun Kelly, AKA MGK, is one of the fastest and most versatile young artists of today. The Night begun with everyone’s favorite Hippy rapper, Mod Sun strollin onto the stage with a bottle of Jack Daniels, and informed the crowd, “I want to be your best friend tonight; let’s have a drink.  As he dropped his pot-friendly anthem, “Stoner Girl,” Mod Sun asked, “where my weed smokers at?” Most of the crowd fired up and a plume of smoke filled most of the concert hall. The Minnesota MC exploded into an infectious ball of energy, and dominated his set with “Free Love,” “We Do This.” “My Hippy.” Mod Sun laid down on the stage monitors, soaking in the crowd’s response. Who would of thought a massive mosh pit would break out during “We DO This”? The crowd was swaying and slamming into to each other from one side of the venue to the other. Some of the ladies relieved themselves of their shirts, as Mod serenaded them for “Stoner Girl”. Mod Sun did one hell of a job.

Machine Gun Kelly….. You already know , he killed it!  From the beggining of his hour and a half set, he delivered.  Most performers will come out busting loose then fizzle out 20 minutes intotheir set. MGK started the show with an ear-splitting performance of “Alpha Omega.” He then jumped into several of his buzzy records including “Est 4 Life” and the Chief Keef-assisted “Young Man.” He didn’t pass up any opportunities to rap on top of speakers, jumping form the stage to the front barricade to be closer to his fans. At one point he said, “I don’tlike these barricades, They protect me from the ones that put me on this stage”.

When MGK wasn’t Jumping around the stage and climbing over the barricades, he was showcasing his skills on the guitar. He paid respect to one of his favorites  Blink-182, with a flawless performance of “All the Small Things.” He continued to obliterate the crowd with “Oz,” “Gone” and “Little More.”

 As MGK delivered his Camila Cabello duet, “Bad Things.” Women began swooning for the Ohio Punk rock rapper, Enchanted by the lyrics, his female fans sung the hook in perfect harmony. The mosh pit then became a circle of peace during “Mind of a Stoner” Of course, the wildness quickly returned when MGK smashed the set with poignant hits like “Wild Boy” and “Till I Die.” Let me close with this.

For those of you that have ever written MGK off, you are a special kind of stupid.

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