Live on the Lawn-KY…Get your Rock Fix

Live on the Lawn-KY…Get your Rock Fix


After last weekend’s bust for Louder Than Life, many fans were left with plans up in the air and time off for the weekend. Many found shows a couple towns over or just took some much-needed R&R; my significant other and I headed to the casino for some one on one weekend. Fun had, but it still didn’t quench the need for heavy bass and drums, music is my therapy.

This weekend there is Rock Allegiance but being that we are in the Midwest, travel won’t pan out. However, Live on the Lawn in Kuttawa, KY is 3.5 hours from us, cake!

The lineup includes Shaman’s Harvest, 10 years and All That Remains…. which is a solid three-piece set. Shaman’s Harvest is a newer 5-man band hailing from Jefferson City, MO. The group has put out tracks such as “Dragonfly” (2009), “Here It Comes” (2013) and more recently, “The Devil In Our Wake” (2018). But personally, nothing compares to one of my favorite covers by a band, “Dirty Diana” (2015); They revitalized the classic and Nathan Hunt’s vocals were top notch!

Fellow performers, 10 Years, are shot straight out of Knoxville, TN; our current state of choice! The band was formed in 1999 and has undergone a few transitions over time with band mates phasing in and out. When a 10 Years track comes on though, I turn it up. I really love this act for tracks such as “Wasteland” (2005), “Fix Me” (2011) and “Novocain” (2017) ….my girls love this one each time it hits Satellite radio on a drive. I am looking forward to hearing “Burnout” (2018) live… hopefully on their set list this weekend!

Powerhouse band All That Remains is the headliner for Saturday’s performance; a band from my home region, New England. The band formed out of Springfield, MA in 1998 and has eight studio album releases. My all-time favorite reigns with A War You Cannot Win released 2012; tracks “Stand up” (2012) and “What if I was Nothing” (2013) were chart toppers and still get us singing along. I am excited to hear some of the more recent tracks from album Madness (2017) and the new album set to drop Nov. 9th (just in time for my birthday), Victim of the New Disease. They are going heavier this time around and I anticipate a stellar album; premier track is titled “Fuck Love” (2018) to give you a taste!

I am hoping Live on the Lawn will quench the thirst for this rock junkie, left by the absence of last weekend. All That Remains heads across the pond after Kentucky, so this is your last chance to catch them state side for a while. I recommend coming out if you’re feining for rock adrenaline…

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