Kevin Daniel Release solid sophomore offering with “Myself Through You”

Kevin Daniel Release solid sophomore offering with “Myself Through You”


Kevin Daniel might be a new name to you but remember it because his country-leaning rock and moody ballads really showcase his anthemic songwriting and hoarse-throated vocals and we hope he’s here to stay.

His new EP, “Myself Through You” is 5 tales of heartache, self-evaluation, survival, and perseverance, that echo off the relentless backbeat of pedal steel guitar, flugelhorn, and bluegrass banjo.

It seems Daniel really doesn’t do irony, preferring to put his heart on his sleeve and in his wordplay. The vocals also reflect a go-for-broke aesthetic, as he often starts off in a hushed whisper only to jump an octave into a desperate howl. He sings songs of good times, hard times and warm memories and all while retaining complete musical integrity.

NYC based by way of North Carolina, Daniel has an undeniable southern charm in both his words and his voice. His music career started when he was just five years old and would sing Disney songs into a turkey baster turned microphone. A year later he was enrolled in music lessons, starting on piano and eventually picking up the sax, by middle school was playing in state symphonic bands, touring with classical horn trios, and singing his heart out any chance he could get. Ultimately Kevin found his place in the jazz and blues scene in high school and college, while also exploring his talents as a guitar player. By the time he graduated from George Washington University, Daniel had played in two quartets, four high school orchestras, two jazz and blue bands, one bluegrass band, one punk ska group, and even sang tenor in an acapella group. But it was his move to New York City and a sudden and unexpected tragedy, that put him on the path towards his solo career.

His mother and stepfather, adventure-seekers and amateur pilots, were flying back from their mountain house in western North Carolina when their plane crashed, killing both. Daniel’s life was turned upside down, but it seems he turned to paper and pen to help him deal with his loss. It is true that great art comes with great pain, but his songs are also filled with beauty, harmony and strength.

Myself Through You, was recorded at Degraw Sound in Brooklyn, NY, and produced, engineered, and mixed by Ben Rice. Kevin gathered together a host of talented, professional musicians from all backgrounds for the project, which resulted in a richly recorded blend of genres and instruments.

The album will be released on March 16. More information can be found