Julien-K on The Black Labyrinth Tour

Julien-K on The Black Labyrinth Tour

Rock perpetuals Ryan Shuck and Amir Derakh have been in the industry 20 plus years and are not shy to the give and take of the music industry. These two are playing to the masses on The Black Labyrinth Tour 2018 with headliner/longtime friend Jonathan Davis (KORN) and The Birthday Massacre. Ryan and Amir front the band Julien-K, a band which reverberates the electric industrial rock rhythm and gets fans moving with “Kick the Bass” and “California Noir” . The style of play is catchy, edgy…something I could totally see hearing in an episode of Stranger Things Season 2 (make it happen! hint hint). But they may seem vaguely familiar, due in part to starting as the original guitarists in Orgy, a band prevalent in the 90’s rock scene. They very briefly worked on a project Dead By Sunrise with Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington; their history and future is something of interest for rock fans.

We had the pleasure of interviewing these two at The Cowan in Nashville this November, link here . Both Ryan and Amir spoke on their tour mates and their history navigating the music air waves from their rock birth til now. The pair make you feel at home highlighting the ups and downs that they have experienced and shed light on some of the better aspects of their craft. Ryan and Amir complete their total package virtually solo; self-merchandising, promoting, and developing their band without the frills many other bands keep in retainer. They take a massive portion of proceeds and roll them right back into the show, for the fans; mutual investing. Their platform of choice is IndieGoGo which they use as their multifaceted platform for doing what they do. Highlighting the band’s fans and taking notice of the fact that they have had a solely fan funded project titled “Time Capsule: A Future Retrospective”. The band pays homage to creativity and the drive that this wild ride has provided, leading to the upcoming Julien-K 2019.

When asked, Ryan had us in anticipation for their upcoming album “Harmonic Disruptor” which they say will be the afterparty to their current touring schedule. While we are upset at not having a chance to catch them again in early 2019, we’re glad they will be hammering away to get us the next episode of Julie-K. The band is fully vested in their fans, they have a history of some great musical pairings and they are dynamic. I am looking forward to what next year holds for them. Check out the interview, catch the bit on their connection to “Amir of the Dessert” by Coal Chamber, and check out their band page to catch remaining tour dates and snag merch! Find them on Facebook using @JulienK.


Check out the interview