Jay and Silent Bob “Get Old”

Jay and Silent Bob “Get Old”

Fast-talking, foul mouthed Jay and his “hetero life partner” Silent Bob are on their “Get Old “tour across the U.S.
Following the release of the cult-classic film Clerks in 1994, long time friends Jason “Jay” Mewes and Kevin “Silent Bob” Smith quickly became much loved stoner icons, with their mischievous characters going on to star in Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Clerks 2, all of which were written and directed by Smith.
The duo have toured Jay & Silent Bob Get Old through the US, recording each evening and then releasing the audio as a free podcast, resulting in the show being ranked the #1 podcast on iTunes Comedy. The shows are a sometimes touching, always hilarious, and a very honest insight into what happens when two people grow up together in the Hollywood limelight.  As their Indy show starts, Kevin “Silent Bob” Smith tells the crowd about his venture out into the REAL, Indianapolis. He ventured out looking for whole foods. Because of his heart attack, he has had to make life changes, with what he eats. Wrapping up his venture with a nice massage from as he puts it a man masseuse that had the hands of glory. Jason “Jay” Mewes, had an eventful, self exciting afternoon. Let’s just say masturbation, squishy feeling on the carpet, hotel staff, open blinds and DO NOT GO TO ROOM 840 at the Westin hotel downtown Indianapolis. This was a great comedy show to catch. If you are wondering if this show is worth the wait in a sold out line, OF COURSE IT IS!


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