Glass Hands release New video “Waiting Room”

Glass Hands release New video “Waiting Room”

    Waiting room, doesn’t leave you bored  
The video starts out with ambient guitar tones and
is cut in all the right places. Setting the mood, and then
punches into the start of something heavy. Similar in
style to All That Remains
     The video takes place in the forest as lead singer
Adam Anderson is walking through the woods. The
weight of chains holding him down as it cuts to the
band on a river. The cryptic tones set up the base
for the rest of the song and pull you in like a tornado.
     There is reverse imagery used in all the right places,
it most definately sucks you straight in. The lyrics,
“I didn’t learn my lesson, I couldn’t get the message”
speak to me on a personal level. Putting out an amazing
video, these guys are a band to look out for. They have
received over 2.5k views for “Waiting Room” and 23k
on others. The band is doing it right, without hesitation.
So if you have the chance and want to hear something
new, check out this track by the boys in Glass Hands.
Adam Anderson (Vocals) had this to say. 
We didn’t really want the video to be hard to understand. Brian “Bone” Thorburn, the producer, came up with this idea involving chains, and we thought that was a really good way to symbolize emotional weight and lack of strength. We thought it would come across pretty easily. Another big element of the video is the environment, and how my character is blind to the beauty surrounding him, except for the end just before I fall.
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Official Video “Waiting Room”