From Ashes to New-March into Madness

From Ashes to New-March into Madness

Until Recently I had never listened to any of the music of From Ashes to New but when I first heard them, I was intrigued,  the rap metal sound that we all love. So, I began to  listen to their tracks and just happened to see that they will be performing near me and I am going to be covering their show and look forward to seeing them live for the first time.

From Ashes to New is a rock band formed out of Lancaster, PA. They have released two albums since forming Day One (2016) and The Future (2018). They have seen success with singles “Through it all” and “Crazy” they have reached number 6 and 3 on the Billboard Charts. They are staying strong with the new additions Danny Case (Lead Vocals) and Mat Midiro (Drums) formerly of Trivium.
The album “The Future” is From Ashes to New’s second release its first with new lead singer Danny Case and drummer Mat Midoro. It features eleven tracks, including single “Crazy” being my favorite, overall this album is a mix of their first and add in some electronic sound makes a decent album to jam to.

From Ashes to New is currently on their “March into Madness” Tour with co headliners Ice Nine Kills for an epic show and on that bill are Palisades and Afterlife. “March into Madness” tour makes a stop in Angola. Indiana at the Eclectic Room on March 28th and is an all ages show. For ticket information checkout the Eclectic Room on Facebook 


To find out about the bands playing this show find them on social media as well as their sites