Five Finger Death Punch/ Breaking Benjamin-The Ticket to Rock

If you were not at the 5FDP/Breaking Benjamin show on August 31st, 2018 out at Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center, you missed out, what you missed might have been the best show of the summer, in fact maybe the best show of the 2018 concert season. If you missed it, all you can do is read the reviews and wonder what it was like, and all I can say is I was there where were you?

Let me give you a little taste of what you missed…Bad Wolves came to throw down and they did just that, Tommy Vext and the guys played a solid set of smash mouth metal to a solid capacity crowd, and added a nice touch to end the set with “Zombie” as Vext interacted with the crowd, a good start to a kick ass show.

Nothing More-What can you expect, from a Nothing More set? You can expect high energy octane fueled adrenalized music from these Texas boys and that is what they delivered to the crowd, shirtless and barefoot riding the scorpion. You must be there to understand what the Scorpion is, I was confused at first until I saw a post-apocalyptic drum set nicknamed the “Scorpion”

If you have not experienced Breaking Benjamin live, then you should the next time you get a chance, they get better with age from their opening song off “Red Cold River” off their current album “Ember” to the hits everyone loves from their early days like “Cold” to the montage of the Imperial March complete with Ben’s Sith decorated drum set which he plays for that tune, to mix of Nirvana, Pantera to a little Metallica. They ended their portion of the show with “Diary of Jane” and brought young fans and their parents onto the stage to sing with them, showing just how much Ben and the guy love the fans.

Five Finger Death Punch-the grand finale after the first three acts superb performances one could only ask themselves how can that be beat? Well my friends, 5FDP did not disappoint. The show started with a verse from everyone’s favorite purple dino “I love you, you love me” and when the curtain dropped…..Tommy from Bad Wolves was there singing the first song??? We were stumped to say the least then Ivan came running out to basically say “Got Ya Indy”.

I have never had the privilege of seeing this band live and I am glad I did, from the brief switch of vocalist to Jason’s (Lead Guitar) light up guitar, to Jeremy’s (Drummer) skeleton face paint to Zoltan (Guitar) posing for us photographers so we could that once in a lifetime shot to show the world or at least for me to show my own little world. I think that this was a nice finish to the rock show season and the Ticket to Rock saved the biggest and best ticket for last. I hope that they do this again for 2019 I for one will be looking for the line up to be announced.