Dropout Kings – (Otep) Gas Monkey Bar & Grill

Dropout Kings – (Otep) Gas Monkey Bar & Grill

Friday, August 3rd, Dropout Kings and Otep played a packed house at the Gas Monkey Bar & Grill in Dallas Texas.

The crowd, not knowing what to expect from DoK (an Arizona band), were eager to get a taste of what they had to offer. Anticipation worth it; soon after realizing they were hearing yet another stellar band from Phoenix. What is in the water out there?

 Adam Ramey finishes out the sound check, something he says is the most nerve-racking part of a show and introduces the sextet. DoK kick off the show with intense energy and high levels of crowd interaction.

The blend of rap with deep toned guitars is not necessarily a new concept but these guys are perfecting a genre all their own. One-half of the vocal duo, Adam Ramey holds nothing back as he jumps into the crowd for some one on one time with fans. Eddie Wellz (vocals), Chucky Guzman (guitar), Staig Flynn (guitar), Rob Sebastian (bass), and Trevor Norgren (drums) give the audience nothing short of their all with pumping rifts and working the stage. The Adam/Eddie pairing is a seamless Tit-for-Tat on lyrical stylings, a trap- metal ping pong match.

For me this was the first time, but most definitely not the last time, seeing DropOut Kings. A show full of energy, adrenaline and addictive track lists to get patrons pumped for Otep. If you have the pleasure of having DropOut Kings perform in your area, I highly recommend it. They are the pearl in the oyster, they upgrade your night.

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