Ded at Rapids Theater Niagra Falls

Ded at Rapids Theater Niagra Falls


                As one would expect in New York, mid February,  the snow was falling, temperatures were unkind at negative one degree, and patrons were lined up outside the doors of the Rapids Theater in Niagra Falls, all praying for the moment the venue would call “doors” and the fans could de-ice. Bands DED, New Years Day, P.O.D. and In This Moment were set to put on one hell of a show at this stop of The Witching Tour.

                After waiting for the photo passes, we finally got inside and the venue was nothing short of packed with thirty minutes to show time. Ded was set to open tonight’s show and a good portion of their fans were already jam packed into the front stage area. Many new and some die hard fans, those that drove up to eight hours in less than favorable conditions, just to partake on the evening to come with some of the most down to earth performers hailing from Arizona.

                The band DED consists of Joe Cotela on lead vocals, Kyle Koelsch on bass guitar, David Ludlow on guitar, and Matt Reinhard on drums. Of the two separate occasions we have seen them over the last year, they have both acknowledged the fans and paid homage to the #DedNation in such a manner that you feel like you are seeing long time friends at each show. This is the beauty of the dynamics they have with their fan base. Both the band members and fans can agree, they are very aware of their community and value the family like atmosphere that the DedNation has taken on. In the interview, they were questioned on what they refer to their fans as, and while nothing was nailed down, Joe himself said he knows his fans as just “badass people“, which I would have to agree with. In addition to the fans, Ded was also nominated for Best New Artist at the 2017 Loudwire Music Awards, and more recently they were added to the roster for DOWNLOAD Festival in the UK. A huge nod in their direction for all the hard work they have put in over the past year.

                After their set, the work shows and nobody is left wondering why. They left no doubt in my mind that there is definately more to come as DED continues to grow and reach the masses. The band began with “Architect”, the first track off their album Mis.An.Thrope, a single that boasts heavier riffs and an amplitude of energy perfect for waking the thawing crowd.  By mid set for “Hate Me”, they had the crowd crouch down low, as is tradition, and then jump feeling the rhythm. Immediately, a  sea of fans moving. If that’s not crowd engagement, then I haven’t seen it yet! For a good percentage of the crowd they admitted to this being their first time seeing DED live, and for many it will not be the last. When asked, one member of the crowd kept repeating “good shit”. It’s overwhelming the sense of community in the rock music family, and Ded was able to inspire just that right off the bat. Bands like this -who hit so hard, and reach so many fresh out of the gate, are definately precursors to being a heavy hitter both for the label and the Nu Metal genre. I for one am very excited that they are able to awaken new life in a scene which title tracked my teen years, and they’re doing it well!

                Can we talk about the grind for a minute too? Joe, Kyle, David, and Matt have hit venue after venue, with only a few days at a time or literally back to back going strong since the begining of the year. If that kind of wear and tear doesn’t stop you from putting on a hell of a show (which they do), then nothing will. It just demonstrates the level of commitment they have for what they do and their fans, these guys have it one hundred percent!

                In the interview (link below) Joe said it best with, “… we’re still fans of music, and we don’t want to loose that.” So if you are looking for a new band, or a perk up to your current tracks, I definitely recommend this band. They will breathe life and energy into an otherwise flatlining playlist!

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