Crown Jwlz “California King” Debut EP

Crown Jwlz “California King” Debut EP

Crown Jwlz “California King” Debut EP out on February 23

As she sits upon her thrown on the cover of her debut EP “California King” one might easily mistake her for a budding pop princess but looks can be deceiving. She’s more like Lady GaGa with a dash of Stevie Nicks and a pinch of Pat Benatar but still with an undeniable uniqueness of her own. With bewitching vocals she whispers in your ear with intimacy backed by an edgy rock beat.
The first single “Without U” speaks to the ache of being stood up, all dressed up with no place to go so you self medicate to get through the night, teaches a cocky boy a lesson on “Cool,” pays tribute to David Bowie on “Free,” and does no harm but takes no shit on the title track “California King.”
Crown Jwlz “California King” is moody and powerful with rocking moist melodies. She looks like a girly girl but don’t be surprised if she sucker punches you as she struts her stuff.

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