Cane Hill “Kill The Sun”

Cane Hill “Kill The Sun”

Cane Hill has released their long awaited EP “Kill The Sun” to the masses. Opening  track ‘86d – No Escort’  may take you by surprise, because it isn’t the Cane Hill that jumps in and kicks your teeth out. The track starts with an echo of Hey, don’t worry about it, hey, don’t want to learn your name,”  I love this track. You can definitely tell the guys dug deep into their music making craft. There are hints of  electronica that soon, transitions into an acoustic melody followed by Elijah doing what he does best. I love the way Cane Hill thought outside the box on this one.  

Empty’  follows with soft vocals, with an almost Latin vibe. This track will grab you, making you listen to what may come next, and to my amazement, I am shaking my head in awe.

‘Save Me’ also starts with an acoustic vibe, That makes you wonder.. Hmmmm are they leaning more towards a softer side? Don’t get me wrong Cane Hill is one bad ass band that throws down on every level, but this is definitely a lighter side of them. 

First single ‘Kill the Sun’ begins with Elijah repeating, ‘’I think I’ve found a way to kill the sun’’, once again, you may be looking for your ear drums to bleed from their previous more heavier songs. You may even think, where Cane Hill is going with this EP, but none the less this is still Cane Hill. I suggest you get a copy, you will not be disappointed. As the band puts it, “This is our greatest experiment to date”

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Video for “86d — No Escort.”