Boston’s Rebuilder is taking the pop punk scene by storm

Boston’s Rebuilder is taking the pop punk scene by storm

Have you ever been sifting through tons of emails from industry friends and opened one that totally kicked your ass? This happened today. I opened the email, clicked on the link and BOOM! Rebuider! This is something fresh, something I have not heard in a very long time. Some good ol’ pop punk music that is worth listening to. Two-time nominees for a Boston Music Award for ‘Punk Artist of the Year’, has announced a September 1st release date for their upcoming EP ‘Sounds From The Massachusetts Turnpike’ on Panic State Records. With a tour schedule that most could only dream of and a fast growing fan base, Rebuilder is delivering some of that great pop punk music that hasn’t been around in years. Rebuilder will continue to pick up the pieces of a broken scene, and cast aside a broken system. They will soldier on, and rebuild the community of sounds that has given them so much to be thankful for.

Stream “Mile or An Inch” here:

Guitarist/vocalist Sal Medrano says, “How do we follow up “Rock and Roll In America” when the whole country has gone to shit? By doing the only thing that can save us, playing Rock & Roll. “Sounds from the Massachusetts Turnpike” pays homage to our great state, navigating through twist and turns of feelings. It’s okay to not be okay. Let’s rock.”

Rebuilder has also announced a summer tour with fellow Boston punks Choke Up, which kicks off August 8 in Pittsburgh, PA and winds down with a hometown show at Boston’s Great Scott on September 2.

Refuse, Rethink, Rebuild. Rebuilder is Sal Ellington (vocals, guitar), Craig Stanton (vocals, guitar), Daniel Carswell (bass), Brandon Phillips (drums), Patrick Hanlin (electric keyboard and organ).

Pre-order’s for ‘Sounds From The Massachusetts Turnpike’ have launched in the Panic State Records webstore: