Austin Shaw Felt “The Album”

Austin Shaw Felt “The Album”

Austin Shaw
Felt “The Album” (Self-Released)
By: Leila Reed
Hailing from Santa Cruz, CA a city that filled with sand, surf and an amazing art community comes Austin Shaw. Shaw wrote, recorded and played music up until he finished college and for a short time he left his art behind as  he started his climb up the corporate later, after a few years he felt like a piece of himself was missing so he left his corporate job an reclaimed the artist, singer and songwriter that he truly is.
Shaw released a 4 song EP, “Selections from Felt” earlier this year. His follow-up and full-length debut album “FELT” was recently released and it’s got that same honest emotion and feel good vibe. FELT is it a solid mixture of acoustic rock n’ roll.
The album kicks in with a sharply infectious and very personal opener Citrine. “Essentially it’s a story about a daughter losing her father at a far too early age. Something I endured and watched my family struggle through,” says Shaw. The song I’ve Been Leaning is a heartfelt Thank you to the person that has your back, and the title track Felt is honest and uplifting with chiming guitar lines and impressive vocal delivery. Shaw says, “It’s about meeting your soul-mate and knowing it just by the feel of it. Even before you get to know them, you just know.” Love on Both Sides will pull at your heartstrings, in a “long live romance” kind of way. And Without You tells the story of getting over the one that got away.
The ambitious album is filled with melodic navigations through the darkness and light of love. It’s folky rock n’ roll with a 1970’s songwriter vibe.