Anna Faye releases cover of Halsey hit “Without Me”

Anna Faye releases cover of Halsey hit “Without Me”

Ft. Wayne Indiana Alt. Rock band, Anna Faye just released an amazing cover video of the smash hit “Without Me” by Halsey. Up to this point, I had no idea who this band, girl or drummer dude in the band is, Hell I still don’t. All I know is, I was doing my usual updates , emails and surfing the web.  I went to look at a local Indianapolis venue The Hoosier Dome page to see what shows they have coming up, As I was looking around, a post popped up from drummer Mark Everetts promoting their video of the song. I clicked on the link, Anna started with a really lite strumming on her guitar, opening the song. I thought ok, this isn’t to bad, then to my amazement, I was drawn in and couldn’t turn back. Once she kicks in to the main lyrics “Found you when your heart was broke” then the chorus, I was just floored. This doesn’t happen very often. I get so many emails from PR Reps around the industry promoting some really good bands but when I am not expecting to hear something like this and then Bam! I get moved. I watched a couple of times just to take more of the video in and to see what a great job they did on their cover. So I’m going to close by saying GREAT GREAT JOB ANNA FAYE. For you readers, you will be seeing more of Anna Faye on The Network317.

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Video for cover of Halsey “Without Me