The Music Industry Self Help Guide

The Music Industry Self Help Guide

If there is a book, that I would support and tell every artist from every genre to buy, it would be “The Music Industry Self Help Guide.” Author Mike Repel takes a no BS approach and lays everything Industry on the line for you. He isn’t just a dude that is talking out of his mouth with no experience. Mike Repel, has been in the industry for many years and has been on every level of the industry. He is an accomplished musician, former record label owner, Distributor of music and media and author. I had a brief conversation with Mike, and told him the book should of been called “The Rock N Roll Bible”. I have preached to bands for many years on the very same topics Mike writes about. Right out of the gate “Be prepared to do it yourself” From the point I read the heading of the first chapter, I knew this was a book that I would indulge in and want to push in everyone’s faces. Here are some of the chapter titles:

Be Prepared to do it yourself * What it really means to be independent * Line up * Stage presence * Developing your band * A Solid on line presence * Merchandising * Album art * Copy right information * Publishing and performance rights collection agencies * Marketing and promoting yourself.

These are just a few chapter titles from this must have book. Do yourself a favor and buy a copy for your reading pleasure. Once you finish the book, you will have a whole new outlook on the music industry from local up to the national level. Click on the link below to get a preview on what is in the book.

The Music Industry Self Help Guide (preview)