The Dollyrots Family Vacation: Live in Los Angeles

The Dollyrots Family Vacation: Live in Los Angeles

The only thing more fun than this album/DVD is actually, physically attending a Dollyrots show. What you get is eleven live tracks of power-pop-punk delivered in Dollyrots fashion with a companion DVD concert film that I can only describe as an awesome explosion of fun.
Seriously, as I watched and listened I couldn’t stop smiling…the Dollyrots seem to do that to people. That must be why their fans love them so much and after watching the live concert DVD I know that they love their fans right back. It’s just one big happy family and it is truly something special.
The live album is like an endless amount of candy. Eleven bouncy, hook-laden power pop punk tunes all live and sounding fantastic.
Supreme songs like Kick Me To The Curb, Bury Me In Ireland, My Best Friends Hot, Get Weird, Come and Get It, Jackie Chan and the Dollyrots anthem ‘Because I’m Awesome’ (and they are) as well as a punk-pop version of the 1971 hit song “Brand New Key” to name a few.

Filmed at The Roxy in Los Angeles in the summer of 2015, the live concert film features the same songs as the CD but includes the between-song banter (with guest appearances from past drummers Chris and Aixa, Bowling For Soup frontman Jarret Reddick, and of course the smallest of this awesome clan the DollyTot) as well as backstage documentary footage.
Now if they could only bottle those “sweaty after show hugs” I’ve heard so much about.